Cover of Prism Review 23
"My Accomplishments." Prism Review 23 (2021). [visit Prism Review]
Cover of Chicago Quarterly Review 32
"Any Other Name." Chicago Quarterly Review 32 (2020). [visit CQR]
Cover of Jokes Review 6
"Approaches to the World's Largest Casino." Jokes Review 6 (Winter 2018/2019). [read online | visit Jokes Review]
Cover of Whitefish Review 22
"For All Wash There Is a Temperature." Whitefish Review 22 (Summer 2018). [visit Whitefish Review]
Cover of Glimmer Train 102
"Killer and Crud Get Married." Glimmer Train Stories 102 (Spring/Summer 2018). [visit Glimmer Train]
Cover of Outlook Springs 3
"Escape to Bunny Island." Outlook Springs 3 (Summer 2017). [read online | visit Outlook Springs]
Cover of Antithesis 26
"Sleep: The Video Game." Antithesis 26 (2016). [visit Antithesis]
Cover of New Ohio Review 18
"A Whole Lot of Men with Guns." New Ohio Review 18 (Fall 2015). [visit NOR]
Cover of Rosebud 56
"The Retired Major in Wisconsin." Rosebud 56 (Winter 2013/2014). [visit Rosebud]
Cover of Beloit Fiction Journal 25
"Working with Dirt." Beloit Fiction Journal 25 (Spring 2012). [visit BFJ]